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We are able to present you several ways of building and constructing with different materials and different construction systems at different prices:

Diamond cutting and drilling of concrete
Diamond cutting and brilliant drilling are under construction in civil engineering and civil engineering, regardless of whether it is reinforced concrete, brick, stone or asphalt.

Diamond cutting
It is applied when creating new or expanding existing holes in walls or slabs, as well as in removing entire structural parts.

Diamond drilling
Application of diamond drilling is very diverse (regardless of whether it is reinforced concrete, brick, stone or asphalt), and it is most common for the installation of various installations through walls and slabs.

Advantages of Diamond Cutting and Drilling:


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It does not cause vibration, and there is no risk of damaging the surrounding structures;
After cutting, it remains flat, so it is not necessary to invest in processing;
Precision in the given parameters;
Work speed that contributes to deadlines.

Machines used for drilling concrete or diamond cutting:

Tzv. wall saws powered by hydraulic aggregates and aggregates on high-frequency current (one-sided cutting up to 60 cm thick)
Self-propelled cutting machine for plates, pavers and slopes up to a depth of 50 cm
A power generator powered by the so-called. wall saws if it is not possible to prepare the 380V / 32A current connection at the site
Water tank and pump if there is no water connection at the site;
Vacuum cleaners for wastewater, etc.

Cutting should be carried out precisely in millimeters. There is no correct repair, smoothing.
The works of diamond cutting and drilling include:

cutting doors,
cutting windows,
cutting openings for stairs,
cutting openings for roof windows,
cutting the garage entrance,
cutting of complete walls,
cutting pillars, beams, stairs,
cutting - removal of complete floors, balconies, manholes, foundations, bridges,
removal of complete deck, concrete carriers for machines,
cutting of the channel for various various pipes (drains, drains, sewers ...),
cutting - removing the pool,
removal of the terrace,
cutting various various parapets, lifts, etc.